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Name:: Dr. Yris Lara
Age: 50
Academics Titles Obtained
University of Las Americas: PHD in Afasiology
University of San Jose
California, Extenrion of Univ. of Las Americas:
Post Grade Studies: Rehabilitation, Hearing and Learning.
Univ. of Las Americas and Panamerican Sanatary Offices
Mexico, D. F. Extention of the Univ. of Arizona, USA::
Rehabilitation of Voice Laringectonized.
Univ. of Las Americas: B. A. in Special Education and Language Therapy, 1972.
National Education Board: High School Diploma, 1969
Courses and Diplomas Obtained
Board of Public Education,
Mexico, D. F.
Several Psycopedagogy Problems of School Age. Feb. 7, 1970.
Board of Public Education,
Mexico, D. F.
Problems of School Adaptation. June 1970.
American Institute of Audition and Language,
Mexico, D. F.
Psycopedagogy Focus of Children Without Language.
Univ. of Las Americas,
Ipplac, Mexico, D. F.
Contribution of Diff. Diagnostic of Language.
Univ. of Las Americas,
Ipplac, Mexico, D. F.
Bases of Language and its Pathology in Child. July, 1971.
Univ. of Las Americas,
Mexico, D. F.
Fundamentals of the Montessorri Metod. June, 1971.
Board of Public Health and Assistance SSA.
Mexico, D. F.
Problems in Communication in Cerebral Injury. May, 1973.
National Institute of Human Communication. Actualization on Human Communication, 1975.
National Institute of Lidice Center, Mexico. Course of Phonetic and the Fonologic Aplication to the Language Patology, 1982.
Dominican Society of Pediatry
Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
Course of Cerebral Falsy in New Born, 1983.
Univ. Pedro Henriquez Ureņa,
Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
The Brain and Language.
Special Ed. School of Santiago,
Santiago, Dom. Rep.
Mental Retardation. April 1985.
The Bowman Gray School of Med. of Wake Forest Univ. 2nd Dominico-American Conf. on Advances in Epilepsy
North Carolina, May 1987.
Work Experience:
Rehabilitation Center: Teacher; Dept. of Human Comm. 1973
Institute of Human Comm. S. S. A.: Language Therapist. 1976.
Center of Rehab. for Problems in hearing, Voice and Language.
Director and Coordination. 1978-1982.
Center of Rehab. for Problems Hearing, Voice and Language.
Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.:
Dominican Falcombridge: Coordinator of the School Family.
Yris Lara`s Therapy Center: Director. 1990 to Present.
United Nations: National Coordination of Special Ed. Program and Language Therapy. P. N. U. D. 1993